Wishing On the Midnight Star: My Asperger Brother

Wishing On the Midnight Star: My Asperger Brother

Nancy Ogaz

Language: English

Pages: 144


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

'These books could be useful for working with a class where children with Asperger's are to be included. Staff would be reminded very powerfully of the young people's feelings and fears in being in class and school and how they will cope. The books could prompt discussions in class to help other pupils to understand more and, one hopes, target less children who are going to be different.'

- Rostrum

Alex's younger brother Nic never seems to be able to get anything right. He even invites Brianna Santos the girl Alex likes over when Alex is goofing around in his geeky pyjamas. But Alex never forgets what a special person Nic is.

Wishing on the Midnight Star presents the sibling's view of the joys and frustrations of having a younger brother with Asperger Syndrome, with insights into the daily adventures of an AS family, and the positive coping, and loving strategies they have evolved. It is an engaging and amusing teen love story that will appeal to older and younger kids.

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curled up strangely underneath the chick. The little guy just wiggled in circles, spinning on its tail end. I watched it and felt a nasty squeeze of worry. Nic came in with an egg on a plate and a cup of water. He cracked the egg — it was hard-boiled — and broke off a chunk. He began to chop at it with a fork. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Making breakfast. The chick needs to eat,” he said. “You’re going to feed an egg to a chick? That’s practically cannibalism.” 102 “Eggs are perfect forms

eyes burn. Gently, I closed the notebook and put my head down on my knees. I scrubbed at my blurry eyes. Sometimes I felt like a two-hundred pound Vulture of Sadness was sitting on my shoulder, digging in deep with its claws. No escape. It would always be there, waiting. How could I be so mean to Nic? Wasn’t his life tough enough? He was really an amazing person. I was lucky to know him! I chewed on the inside of my cheek. And I do love him. Even when I can’t stand to be around him, I still love

of my hip. I guess we were making some noise because just then Mom started hollering for us. “Come in, come in, wherever you are!” I could see her way down the hill. She stood on the back porch with the kitchen light glowing behind her. “Coming!” we yelled. Pushing through the bushes, we headed for home. As I tossed Fluffy into the chicken house, I heard a great horned owl. Who-whooo! Who-whooo! He always sounded kind of lonely to me. Hungry, too. “I’m glad we found Fluffy,” Nic said. “Me too.”

quiver. We walked into the shadowy forest of eucalyptus, climbing over fallen branches, and edging around old stumps. Something creaked loudly. What was that? I peered into the gloom. It’s nothing, you little wussie. But it was something. A few minutes later, when we were deep inside the grove, something happened. One second, all was fine; then, a sound like a cannon ripped through the stillness. A deafening blast seemed to crash at us from all sides. Brianna and I spun around, 135 looking

and Mud Horror in the Morning The Real Alex Stone Steps Forward Attack of the Monstrous Midgets Alex Gets His Nerve Back Trouble with the Toad Alien Chickens? Chicken Expert Extraordinaire A Dastardly Deed Nic’s Magic Chick Season of Sweetness A Slightly Menacing Undertone The Howling Cornered Golden Hearts Raining Down The Gift of the Midnight Star 11 21 28 39 47 55 61 69 74 82 87 96 101 107 114 121 128 134 AUTHOR’S NOTE 141 RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES AND SIBLINGS 142 Acknowledgements Many

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