Jonathan Maberry, Yvonne Navarro, John Everson, Scott Nicholson

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1613771517

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

  • A sweeping, threaded narrative of the global phenomenon known as the Vampire Wars! Mankind is silently infected by a millennia-old bacteria unknowingly exhumed by a scientific expedition in Antarctica. Now, in some rare cases, a person's so-called "junk DNA" becomes activated, and depending on their racial and ethnic heritage they begin to manifest one of the many diverse forms of the "others" that are the true basis for the legends of supernatural creatures. These aren't your usual vampires and werewolves — it goes much deeper than that.
  • Conceived by Jonathan Maberry, V Wars features stories from various "frontlines" as reported by such contributors as Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, James A. Moore, Gregory Frost, John Everson, Keith R.A. DeCandido, and Scott Nicholson (as well as Maberry himself, of course). The result is a compelling series of tales that create a unique chronicle of mankind's response to this sudden, hidden threat to humanity.
  • For readers who enjoyed; World War Z (9780307346612), Robopocalypse (9780385533850), 30 Days of Night (9781613770405) and Zombies vs Robots (9781600103285)

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ancestor, with Lycaon, a king who in myth was turned into a wolf by Zeus for serving the god a dish of human flesh. Even Pausanius confessed he doubted the connection, but he gave us no more of Damarchus than that. The truth is all lost, save that our kind existed in 400 B.C., and so, we must assume, did our enemy.” Seated across from him at the kitchen table, Ruksana pushed back her white hair. “Then where did they all go?” she asked. “I don’t know. The Church moved across Europe and wherever

gaze is emotionless and as unfazed as the surface of the sandstone cliffs that start the mountains miles to the north; she has no use for the Reservation Police, the Border Patrol, Highway Patrol, or any of the other entities of modern law enforcement. To her, they are just various ways the white man has dreamed up to subjugate her people. She believes in the old ways, where the elder tribesmen would discuss a problem and devise ways of handling it themselves. “She’s in the bathroom,” is all

They studied each other and the moment stretched. “Say it,” Swann said softly. “No,” said Schmidt. “I want you to say it. You were in that room, you spoke with him. I want you to tell me what happened.” “I don’t know what happened.” “Bullshit. You saw the medical reports and you spoke with him —” “I saw blood work, detective. I need to see the DNA.” “That’s going to take days.” “I know. While we’re waiting for that we should be getting a team of specialists in on this. Hematologists,

person might think that this was all somehow staged in order for you to get on the bestseller list.” “I —” he began, but she cut him off. “You look too scared to be playing a game.” “Scared doesn’t begin to touch it.” He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. “If I’m wrong about this, then I’m going to forget it ever happened. I’d be an idiot to put it in my books. I’d be an idiot to even talk about it. My career would be in serious trouble.” “And if you’re right?” “Then the whole

Mendoza slip Bobby loco weed?” Father Patrick made water rings on Moncho’s wooden table. “Revenge?” “He’s her protector.” “Walker is her protector,” Father Patrick corrected him. “But that still doesn’t jibe. Bobby sane is scary enough. Bobby off his nut is terrifying. As we are seeing. She’s a Mendoza, and he’s seeing vampires everywhere.” “Maybe she didn’t realize this would happen,” Father Patrick said. “She’s just a kid.” Thompson thought a moment. “Or maybe Walker did realize this

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