The World Treasury of Science Fiction

The World Treasury of Science Fiction

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0316349410

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First edition is stated but has book of the month club indicatons. A decent used copy with no writings and light to medium wear in a used jacket.

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JohnBerryman SPECIAL FLIGHT 34 I. G. Ballard CHRONOPOLIS 70 Kono Tensei TRICERATOPS 9Z Theodore Sturgeon THE MAN WHO LOST THE SEA 104 Karl Michael Armer ON THE INSIDE TRACK 1r5 Avram Davidson THE GOLEM t35 Rend Rebetez-Cortes THE NEW PREHISTORY 141 Arthur C. Clarke A MEETING WITH MEDUSA r46 VI / CONTENTS GdrardKlein 184 THE VALLEY OF ECHOES Gene Wolfe THE FIFTH HEAD OF CERBERUS 193 JohnUpdike 2+5 THE CHASTE PLANET Nathalie-CharlesHenneberg 250 THE BLIND PILOT Alfred

playmesomemoreof musicis thebestthingthisplanethasto offer.Please " it. The extraterrestrial's voice was so soft and urgent that Fdrsterunhesitatinglypulled anotherrecordoff the shelf. "Lonely,huh?"he said. "Who isn't?"the alienreplied. Fcirster lookedacross thedarkroomto the cornerSamsonalwaysusedto sleepin. "Yeah,who isn't?" in theNight." Barbarahad The needlewasput on therecord."Strangers lovedthatmelody.Howmanytimeshadtheydancedto its sounds!Forster could not dance,but when he and Barbarawere

wateratthis altitude. Moreover,therewasno glitter or sparkleaboutthese flakesasthey went cascadingdown into the depths.When, presently,a few landed on an instrument boom outsidethe main viewing port, he sawthat they werea dull, opaquewhite-not crystallineat all-and quite largeseveralinchesacross.They lookedlike wax, and Falconguessed that this was preciselywhat they were. Some chemical reactionwastaking place in the atmospherearound him, condensingout the hydrocarbonsfloating in the Jovian air.

minutesNorth. Longitudeone hundredfive degrees forty-twominutes,SystemOne. "Tell Dr. Brennerthat thereis life on fupiter.And it\ big. "I'm very htppy to be provedwrong," Dr. Brennerradioedbackcheerfully. "Nature alwayshassomethingup her sleeve.Keepthe long-focuscameraon target and give us the steadiestpictures you can." The things moving up and down thosewaxenslopeswerestill too far away for Falconto makeout many details,and they must havebeenvery largeto be visible at all at such a

galaxy,asthe two sunscircled in separateorbitsabout the mass ofthe galaxy. "The city builders went to seeyour race but once. They had meant to return, but beforethe return wasmade they had interferedin the history of anotherrace,helping them. For their rewardthe city builderswereattacked by their own weapons,by their own pupils.Neveragainhavewe disturbed anotherrace." 'Across the galaxy,though. The GreatYear-how could they-so manv ' stars- " "The problem of multiple bodies?The city

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