The Telepath Chronicles: An Anthology of Science Fiction (The Future Chronicles, Book 2)

The Telepath Chronicles: An Anthology of Science Fiction (The Future Chronicles, Book 2)

Language: English

Pages: 174

ISBN: 2:00267781

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Telepathy. Just a far-fetched bit of science fiction “hocus pocus.” But is it? With today’s giant leaps forward in technology and biotechnology, with people constantly surrounded by sophisticated yet invisible communication networks, and with a rapidly increasing understanding of the brain’s inner workings . . . is it so hard to imagine that we might be able to develop direct mind-to-mind communication?

Or might it not be the case that evolution alone, in the right circumstances—if not on this planet, then on others—could give rise to creatures with telepathic abilities?

This collection of fourteen stories explores the ramifications of a future where telepathy is real. From that first glorious moment of discovery, to the subsequent jealousies and class divisions, to the dangers of weaponization and the blessings of medical miracles, The Telepath Chronicles promises to take you inside the creative minds of some of today’s top science fiction authors.

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the teenagers. It wasn’t the teenagers at all. She smoothed her son’s hair back behind his soft, pink ear. Soon the doctors would drill a hole, right there. And Campbell’s father would leave them. The bus dropped them a couple of blocks from the clinic and glided off; they walked the rest of the way. The streets were quiet and cheerful, relatively deserted and smelling of last night’s rain, and if anyone took notice of the chattering little boy and his murmuring mother, they didn’t show it. It

I kicked out in fear, hitting one of the front seats. Help her. Go get something to break the glass and help her! The memory of that voice and those words overwhelmed me. “It’s me!” I shouted to no one. “It’s me! I’m the girl!” My heart raced triple-time as I realized I had the means to escape this mess, if only I could find it in time. I took a deep breath and dove under the water, feeling around my car to find the glove compartment. My foot had caught the headrest of one of the seats, so I

a date with her boyfriend. I’ve always wondered if those lip glosses taste the same as they smell, a little too-sweet and artificial, but mouth-watering nonetheless. I wouldn’t know—never had the chance to kiss a girl. Not for lack of wanting, mind you. I’m as red-blooded-straight as any other seventeen-year-old male. Just never met a girl jacker who would have anything to do with me, and kissing mindreaders is all kinds of wrong. Focus, Zeph, I tell myself. I should have grabbed a coffee or

outside his office, next to the nurse’s station. He strode over when he caught sight of her. “Doctor Sherman,” Phan said, his voice muffled beneath his mask. “I have a few things I’d like to go over with you.” A pair of nurses ran down the hall, and Avia clenched her hands into fists. She had to keep it together. At least while she stood before Doctor Phan. He pulled a tan medicine bottle from his pocket and handed it to her. “Is this… ?” Avia peered at the label. Grimpanazine. Grimp stole

applied to some other minority. They say that how you treat those most vulnerable and powerless in society either validates or condemns your morals. It should be clear by now that this country is morally bankrupt.” “Ah,” Lisa began, turning her head slightly to one side, surprised by the transformation she’d witnessed. “Congress has women.” “They’re part of the aristocracy, the ruling patriarchy.” The change in speech patterns took Lisa aback. If she didn’t know better, she would have sworn

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