The Siege of Arista (The War Years, Book 2)

The Siege of Arista (The War Years, Book 2)

Language: English

Pages: 190

ISBN: 0451450558

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


The Hothri have come to Arista . . .
and the Siege has begun.

For almost a hundred years, the Hothri waged a war of conquest against humanity’s strongholds in deep space. Greed upon the part of the humans of the Aristan trade empire triggered the war with the aliens, and that same greed led to treachery and incompetence, to soldiers denied the resources they needed to fight. Human world after human world fell under the ruthless, destructive domination of the Hothri, until ...
Forced back to their homeworld by vast fleets of Hothri warships, the leaders of the Aristan financial empires realized that they must look beyond the acquisition of wealth toward another goal—victory in a desperate, last-ditch defense against a foe that had never been defeated.

Christopher Stasheff and Bill Fawcett have created this high-tech far-future war, featuring stories by some of the most imaginitive science fiction writers working at their military best.

With stories by Christopher Stasheff, Bill Fawcett, Elizabeth Moon, Janet Morris, William C. Dietz, Steve Perrry, S.N. Lewitt, Robert Sheckley and Jody Lynn Nye.

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shrugged. Women never wanted to get right to the nitty-gritty. In war, there were occasions when it was counterproductive to engage in foreplay, no matter how clear it was to you that justifications were going to be important when committees convened, after the fact, to study what you’d done. “I can’t just authorize—” “We can, together. Don’t brief the others.” Out here, Ace Baldridge was the equivalent of a Joint Chief. Sally represented all of ONI’s muscle. If they didn’t let the alert

to slow the Hothri down, and give us a chance on the ground.” Defender Seven, along with three similar platforms and the two surviving moons, was to absorb the initial shock of the bug assault and hold-as long as it possibly could. In the meantime, Kelly’s ground forces, including the entire civilian population of Arista, would prepare a warm reception. It was the perfect assignment for military prisoners. It would keep them away from Arista’s regular troops, limit their chances of escape,

complete the forms required to make it official. Carry on.” And with that Kilgor strode down the corridor. Behind him Wires dismissed the side party, and they hurried off to tell all their friends. “The old man liked the emblem! He told Wires to file papers on it! I told you the sonovabitch was okay!” And with that action, approved or not, the battalion forever known as the “Brig Rats” came into being. * * * The Hothri arrived thirty-seven hours later. There was nothing clever or subtle

was drunk with it, crazy. And she was beyond the enemy now. There was no way they could respond to her in time, no way the merely mortal reflexes of any species could catch her. She raced to the heart of the Hothri fleet just as they realized they were at risk. Claude smiled. There were two cruisers dead ahead, close together—so close that if she got one, the neutrino shower from the dying drive should catch the other. Around them glowed the nimbus of their shields, shields created by

nervous. “The marines will do most of the fighting. You are defending them so they can accomplish their task. Teamwork!” They divided into two groups, one on either side of the midway, with Fray in charge of one and Victor leading the other. Thari’s tiny band pressed itself into the angle of a standing wall. It was cold, but Gavrielle assured them it would help conceal them and confuse the Hothri, who saw infrared heat, not light. Gradually, the more sensitive among them grew agitated.

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