The Hound of Florence (Bambi's Classic Animal Tales)

The Hound of Florence (Bambi's Classic Animal Tales)

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1442487488

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It’s a dog’s life for a boy when he magically turns into a hound in this classic story from the author of Bambi.

On a routine walk through the streets of his hometown of Vienna, Lucas Grassi sees an archduke’s coach. He can’t help but wish he was rich and powerful and leaving the dark city behind. And when he sees the archduke’s faithful dog running alongside, he wishes he could just be the dog and be free from his everyday life.

And then his wish comes true: Lucas does become the dog. Every other day he switches from his normal body to that of the archduke’s canine companion. Soon he learns the dog is treated badly and the archduke is not a nice man. Lucas decides he’ll do anything to reverse his wish…if only he knew what to do!

Felix Salten’s tale of a wish gone awry is brought back to life in this beautiful repackage.

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buried them in shadow. Exulting, he slipped in among the crowd as it merrily sauntered along, singing and shouting, and was borne away from the riverbank into the maze of narrow streets close by which echoed the festive clamor. He saw that he was approaching nearer and nearer the heart of the city. It mattered not to him where he went, for the hour of his transformation was close at hand, and whatever happened he would be provided with a bed and shelter for the remainder of the night. Suddenly

day they will be in Florence, they will be wandering about her streets, as if it were all a matter of course! And what will it mean to them—to be in Florence? Oh! I suppose they’ll find it attractive and entertaining enough, and the climate most agreeable; but otherwise it will mean nothing! Absolutely nothing! What can they do there, which they could not do just as well here? Do they expect to find anything in Florence that they could not get just as easily in Vienna? And I must stay here—I,

boy, and then glanced round the studio expectantly to see what impression his offer had produced. “Aren’t you going to stop blustering and swaggering about like a mountebank, you lout?” exclaimed Claudia, turning to him with an impatient laugh. She was now standing behind Bandini’s easel. “Come, Claudia,” said Bandini when silence had been restored, “your way of addressing Peretti is new to me.” “It is not my way, but his,” laughed Claudia. “It’s the way which suits him; it is only what he

Pointner held the stick to his nose, spat on it and continued to wave it about. “Well, throw it!” insisted Peretti. And Pointner flung it far into the water. It flashed through the air, splashed down into the water, and floated slowly away with the current. The dog had craned his neck to watch the stick as it flew through the air, and then stood still on the edge of the bank, looking anxiously at it floating away. Pointner pushed him along, catching hold of his hind quarters and shoving him

Lucas clapped his hands together and listened—nay, his whole soul expanded and laid itself bare as though it were harkening to the strains of the sweetest music. Presently Cosimo Rubinardo came along and joined in the conversation. He spoke with modest dignity, as he had done in the old days when he was a rich man and used to shower down ducats on the artists with a liberal hand. He seemed to regard his poverty with indifference, and even with a touch of pride. “It’s quite true, Pietro,” he

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