The Heath Introduction to Fiction

The Heath Introduction to Fiction

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The Mammoth Book of Sorceror's Tales

Evil Earths

Pandæmonium, 1660–1886: The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers

Puss in D.C. and Other Stories



















objectless step. The pallor of his countenance had assumed, if possible, a more ghastly hue— but the luminousness of his eye had utterly gone out. The once occasional huskiness of his tone was heard no more; and a tremulous quaver, as if of extreme terror, habitually characterized his utterance. There were times, indeed, when I thought his unceasingly agitated mind was laboring with some oppressive secret, to divulge which he struggled for the necessary courage. At times, again, I was obliged to

into the first omnibus, was soon removed from pursuit. As soon as tranquillity returned, : I distinctly perceived that I had now done all that I possibly could, Melville 106 both in respect to the demands of the landlord and his tenants, and with regard to my own desire and sense of duty, to benefit Bartleby, and shield him from rude persecution. I now strove to be entirely care-free and quiescent; and my conscience justified me in the attempt; though, indeed, it was not so successful

debts he had contracted by living beyond his means, his position was far from normal. In order to save money that summer he obtained leave of absence and went with his wife to live in the country at her brother's place. In the country, without his work, he experienced ennui for the first time in his life, and not only ennui but intolerable depression, and he decided that it was impossible to go on living like that, and that it was necessary to take energetic measures. a sleepless night pacing

got into the first-class carriage, sat down of a telegram just received by the that a change was about beside Ivan llych, and told him Governor of Kursk announcing to take place in the ministry: Peter Ivano- vich was to be superseded by Ivan Semenovich. The proposed change, apart from its significance for Russia, had a special significance for Ivan llych, because by bringing forward a new man, Peter Petrovich, and consequently his friend Zachar Ivanovich, it was highly favourable for

for it. And in Gerasim's attitude towards him there was something akin to what he wished for, and so that attitude comforted him. Ivan Ilych wanted to weep, wanted to be petted and cried over, and then his colleague Shebek would come, and instead of weeping and being petted, Ivan Ilych would assume a serious, severe, and profound air, and by force of habit would express his opinion on a decision of the Court of Cassation and would stubbornly insist on that view. This falsity around him and within

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