The Art of Children's Portrait Photography

The Art of Children's Portrait Photography

Tamara Lackey

Language: English

Pages: 125

ISBN: 1584282401

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Contemporary photographs that cleverly capture a child's mood or personality--whether that's a big, toothy grin or a teary tantrum--are easily created with the tips and techniques explored in this in-depth handbook. Often called "lifestyle photography," modern techniques such as tightly cropped close-ups, vignettes, wide angles, and shallow depths produce images that are markedly less stiff and more expressive than traditional portraiture. From capturing great expressions and body language to integrating meaningful locations into the shoot to further express the subject's personality, this guide thoroughly explains how photographers can develop their image-storytelling skills to develop stunning portraits. Advice on creating platinum and chocolate-hued prints, vibrant color scenes, dramatic black & whites, and utilizing unusual textures or effects is also included. 

100% of Author proceeds go to Save The Children and the WorldWide Orphans Foundation.

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