The Andre Norton Megapack: 15 Classic Novels and Short Stories by a Grand Master of Science Fiction!

The Andre Norton Megapack: 15 Classic Novels and Short Stories by a Grand Master of Science Fiction!

Andre Norton

Language: English

Pages: 1455

ISBN: 2:00130146

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Andre Norton megapack collects 15 works by the Grand Master of Science Fiction. Included are: "The People of the Crater," "The Gifts of Asti," "Plague Ship," "Star Born," "All Cats Are Gray," "The Time Traders," "Voodoo Planet," "Storm Over Warlock," "Star Hunter," "The Defiant Agents," "Key Out of Time," "Ralestone Luck" (historical), "Ride Proud, Rebel!" (historical), "Rebel Spurs" (historical), and "Murders for Sale" (mystery).


The Black Star Passes

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The Best American Poetry 2013

Forbidden Planets











music, which was certainly a big factor in his stage setting. He must have believed that we would not find out about the drugged water and so would be prepared for any fantasy he cared to produce. When they saw us coming out over the swamp they counted us easy takings. His practice had always been with Khatkans, and he judged us by their reactions to stimuli he knew well how to use. So he failed.…” Asaki smiled. “Which was good for Khatka but ill for Lumbrilo and those using him to make mischief

guilelessly, “not to break down, lose course, or otherwise disrupt a pleasant excursion.” The Chief Ranger threw back his head and his deep-chested laughter was echoed from the heights above them. “Very well, Captain. Your mail run will bring you back to Xecho at intervals. Meanwhile I shall study your sales tapes concerning the non-expendable flitters. But you shall visit Zoboru—and pleasantly, very pleasantly, I assure you, Medic Tau!” “I wonder,” Tau muttered and Dane heard. “Just now the

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aimed them, not along the back trail. Rynch wriggled about, studied the river and its banks. The beasts there were quiet, blue-green lumps, standing down on the river bank or squatting in the grass. “Nothing.” Hume lowered the lenses, held them before his broad chest as he still watched the peaks. “What did you expect?” Rynch snapped. He was hungry, but not hungry enough to abandon the islet. Hume laughed shortly. “I don’t know. Only I’m sure they are heading us in that direction.” “Look

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