Slithery Snakes

Slithery Snakes

Roxie Munro

Language: English

Pages: 1

ISBN: 1477816585

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The snakes in this book are slithery...and maybe a little scary. But they’re also beautiful! Slithery Snakes offers clues about these creepy creatures and gives you an up-close look at their amazing skin patterns. Do you know which kind of snake is named after an article of clothing men once wore to hold up their socks? Or which snake has venom twice as lethal as a rattlesnake’s? Or which snake appeared on the first flag of the United States? Guess—and then turn the page to find out! Slither! Hiss!

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snake for dinner. Also in this desert habitat: monarch butterfly, horned lizard, turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk Can you guess what kind of snake this is? This snake has elongated scales, which are brightly colored and look spiny or bristly. Its big eyes and short snout make it look almost like a cartoon. The SPINY BUSH VIPER (Atheris hispida) lives in central Africa. Because of its unusual scales, it is also called a hairy or rough- scaled bush viper or a feathered tree

snakes, the eyes of this snake are not transparent, so it can barely see. Blind snakes rely on other senses, such as touch and smell. The Schinz’s beaked snake dines on termites and ants (and their larvae and pupae) and eats frequently, unlike larger snakes. It is only about 8–11 inches (20–28 cm) long. This blind snake is preyed upon by other snakes. It can’t bite; but to defend itself it will release a nasty smell, wiggle wildly, and even poke the predator with its tail. Also in this

this cobra is alarmed, it will rear up, hiss, and spread its “hood” (flatten its neck) to make itself look bigger. It doesn’t actually spit— it sprays venom on enemies from as far away as 6 feet (2 m). If venom gets into your eyes, it can cause severe pain and blindness. This cobra moves pretty fast, even with its head raised. There are 270 kinds of cobras, including some sea snakes, and they are all poisonous. Also in this grassland habitat: jackal, lion, mouse, hippopotamus Can you

move sideways in a series of S-shaped curves. Venomous: Animals that sting or bite and deliver chemicals that can kill or paralyze prey. Viper: A venomous snake with large, hinged fangs. Find Out More about Snakes Books Mattison, Chris. The New Encyclopedia of Snakes. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2007. Mattison, Chris. Rattler!: A Natural History of Rattlesnakes. London, UK: Blandford, 1996. O’Shea, Mark. Boas and Pythons of the World. Princeton, NJ: Princeton

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