Short and Shivery: Thirty Chilling Tales

Short and Shivery: Thirty Chilling Tales

Robert D. San Souci

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0385264267

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Robert D. San Souci, acclaimed for his retellings of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and other favorite works, brings his story-spinning skill to hair-raising tales from the Brothers Grimm, Nathaniel Hawthorne and many more.

"Wholesome and well-written."--Library Talk.

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said, “Tut!” Then to the richly dressed stranger he said, “She will be there. I will see to it.” When Saturday came, the girl was about to start out, because her bridegroom had told her the journey would take a day and a night on foot. She felt terribly frightened, though she did not know why. To be sure of finding her way back, she filled her pockets with dried peas and beans to mark her path. At the entrance to the forest, she found the trail of ashes, like a thin, gray thread, and followed

his own, distressed to feel how cold it still was. “I pledge myself to you forever!” he said, in the heat of his own passion, “upon my very soul.” “Forever? Upon your soul?” said the stranger solemnly. “Forever!” repeated Wolfgang. “My heart and soul are yours.” The stranger clasped his fingers tightly in her own. “Then I am yours,” she murmured and kissed him. “And you are mine … forever.” Then she whispered, “Now, help me to the bed, for I am growing so tired, so very tired.” Alarmed at the

soon,” croaked Francis Woolcott. “I’m dying, but I won’t have any peace.” “Maybe I’d better go get my grandfather,” said Billy, frightened by the other’s fear. He turned to go, but the old man grabbed his wrist with a clutch like a circle of iron. Billy heard a sudden clap of thunder, unexpected on what had been a pleasant summer day. Staring out the window, he saw rain pelting down from a sudden storm. In the shadows, the dying man’s face had such a horrible look that Billy gave a small cry of

the den of a thief and murderer!’ Then she told me how he planned to blind me, and make me a slave in her place.” “Be quiet! I’ve had enough of this foolishness!” shouted the bridegroom, rising in his seat. “This was only a dream, my love!” said Elsa. Then she quickly went on, “The robbers returned at that moment, so the old woman hid me behind some chests in the cellar. While they were making merry upstairs, I looked in one of the chests and discovered—” “Silence!” bellowed the bridegroom,

and escape into the sea, the farmer shouted, “The Good Lord guide my hand!” and hurled his axe, which stuck fast in the slimy creature. After that, the thing made no movement or sound. Not daring to go any closer on his own., the man ran back home, where he gathered his servants and persuaded them to accompany him to the spot. There “Boneless” was, like some large pudding, with the axe still sticking in it. “What’s to be done with it now?” asked one young man. “Bury it,” said the farmer,

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