Shadow Spell

Shadow Spell

Caro King

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 144233908X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the sequel to Seven Sorcerers, Nin and her friends must save an entire world!

Simeon Dark is the most powerful sorcerer in the land of the Drift. Mysterious, cunning, and a shape-shifter, only he can stop the evil Strood and save the Drift from dying. But where is he?
     Nin Redstone and her friends make their way to Dark’s mansion—a strange castle built in a tree—where she finds a ribbon of shadowy light. Could this be a clue to unlocking the mystery of Simeon Dark? Meanwhile, Mr. Strood is preparing his distillation machine, gathering his pet tigers and some barrels of blood, and then he’s coming after Nin….
     Caro King has created a funny, rich, thrilling adventure, interwoven with fantastical creatures, myth, and magic.

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surfaced and bobbed, turning gently on the water. ‘That was fun,’ said Jibbit, cheerfully, dangling from Skerridge’s left tentacle. ‘I liked the rushing into nothing bit, and the falling bit and the swirling in water bit, tooo.’ ‘Weren’t you afraid we’d hit the bottom?’ slurred Stanley, trying to get his nerves back under control. It was just entering his brain that he was pinned to the edge of the raft by a long black arm with spiky bits. In the time it took for him to register the fact that

Most of the others were doing the same. After a while they came to a stretch of the river with banks that towered around them, broken and jagged and half eroded away by the Raw. Then they came to a stretch with sunlight. Then they were out. ‘There yer go,’ said Stanley cheerfully. ‘We made it!’ ‘Is true!’ The air fizzed. Guard and gargoyle looked around startled, but there was nobody there. Evil Kid was gone. When they had been carried far enough downriver that they were within a couple

chew yer up and spit yer out.’ Jibbit glared at him. ‘I’m a stone,’ he snapped, ‘yoo don’t chew stones.’ Skerridge bared a row of six-inch-long, yellow, jagged teeth that looked like they could make gravel out of a mountain, and winked. ‘Wanna try?’ The whole of the first troop was under the trees by now. Jibbit could hear Dunvice shouting orders to the army, telling them to gather inside the wood, so that the trees shielded them from any watching eyes. Skerridge drew in a deep breath and a

shrug, Jik turned his attention to the tombfolk. By now, they had made it to the edge of town where they had run into trouble with one of the bogeymen. The tombfolk Queen was glaring angrily at Rainbow, who was standing in her path, grinning at her. Spirals of golden light surrounded her, she was so full of life. ‘’Stand aside, bogeyman,’ she hissed. ‘On the ground, we are indestructible. Do you know what that means?’ Rainbow snickered, gathering the dark around him like a mantle. ‘Means

time,’ he said. ‘Excellent. Should be at Hilfian in minutes, I believe. That’s one thing sorted, anyway. I have other plans for all of you.’ He beamed at the stunned group. Nin backed away, her mind churning. Skerridge was right, one of the people in the Circle was really Dark in disguise. It could be any one of us, she thought, even Strood. And the awful thing was, Crow had said that Dark’s character wouldn’t have changed, not deep down. So if Dark was a sorcerer, and sorcerers loved power,

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