Science Fiction: The Best of the Year (2006 Edition)

Science Fiction: The Best of the Year (2006 Edition)

Alastair Reynolds, Joe Haldeman, Michael Swanwick, Robert Reed, James Patrick Kelly, Howard Waldrop, Stephen Leigh, Daniel Kayse

Language: English

Pages: 334

ISBN: 2:00351066

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The best stories of the year: here is a collection of the best science fiction prose written in 2005, by some of the genre's greatest authors, and selected by Rich Horton, a contributing reviewer to many of the field's most respected magazines.

• “Triceratops Summer” by Michael Swanwick
• “Bank Run” by Tom Purdom
• “A Coffee Cup/Alien Invasion Story” by Douglas Lain
• “The Edge of Nowhere” by James Patrick Kelly
• “Heartwired” by Joe Haldeman
• “The Fate of Mice” by Susan Palwick
• “The King of Where-I-Go” by Howard Waldrop
• “The Policeman’s Daughter” by Wil McCarthy
• “Bliss” by Leah Bobet
• “Finished” by Robert Reed
• “The Inn at Mount Either” by James Van Pelt
• “Search Engine” by Mary Rosenblum
• “You, by Anonymous” by Stephen Leigh
• “The Jenna Set” by Daniel Kaysen
• “Understanding Space and Time” by Alastair Reynolds

The Way of the World: Readings in Chinese Philosophy

Masters of Noir, Volume 1

Horrors Unknown

The Inhuman Condition (Books of Blood, Book 4)













surprise, too. I vacated my quarters as a precaution—to give him some time to calm down.” “How long can he last if we institute a freeze?” Sabor dropped his social persona and slipped into his straight business mode. He and Heinrich never wasted words. “Two to four tendays with the freeze alone. But the freeze is only a first step. I’m hoping I can neutralize him in three or four days.” “Neutralize?” “Permanently. He’s a spendthrift. He won’t recover if I hit him hard enough.” “If he doesn’t get

spattered fury of massed lance thrusts. “It’s going to take them another half hour to reach the dock,” Purvali said. “Are you sure you can’t contact Possessor Avaming now? Don’t you think he may be very aware he was one of the people who didn’t receive any applause when he made his final attack? Isn’t it possible that might make him exceptionally receptive, Sabor?” “It’s too risky,” Sabor said. “He could shut me off in a second if he decided he had to let me know I’m dealing with someone who

each other’s business, what else is there to do?” His voice softened; Rain thought that if Chance ever did take a lover, this would be how he might speak to her. “Is the book any good? Because if it is, I’d like to read it.” “I don’t know.” At that moment, Rain felt a drop of something cold hit the back of her hand. There was a dot the color of sky on her knuckle. She looked up at the spider hanging from the ceiling on an azure thread. “He doesn’t show it to me. Your toy is dripping.” “Really?”

of disputed identity. Two divergent copies of the same individual, laying claim to editorial rights over each other. That being the case, I personally have a conflict of interest, and must make no further contact with you, except if necessary in court. If you intend to prosecute your rights in this matter—and I find it difficult to imagine otherwise—you’ll need to retain your own counsel. I cannot advise you in this.” Theddy scowled. “Oh you can’t, can’t you? Maybe the years have eroded your

those damned cleaners they used in the lab, stingy and sharp, and had to swallow or he’d choke and throw up and people died like that— And then— Joy. It rocketed through his veins for just an instant before the cen- 200 | BLISS trifuge of his brain slowed, before his eyes could open, before his heart stopped pounding hard enough to break his ribs. Liz’s face hovered above him, tight with strain. “Sam?” His mouth worked, experimentally. “Ummm.” “Oh God.” Tears sprung from her eyes and

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