Picture Gallery of Canadian History, Volume 1: Discovery to 1763

Picture Gallery of Canadian History, Volume 1: Discovery to 1763

C. W. Jefferys

Language: English

Pages: 284

ISBN: 2:00202276

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

History teachers take note! Here is one Volume 1 of my favourite resources for teaching Canadian History.

Dr. C. W. Jefferys was one of Canada's foremost historical artists and his three-volume "Picture Gallery of Canadian History" is probably his best-known achievement. His hundreds of carefully researched pictures of artifacts, people, places and episodes from Canadian history provide a "treasure house of information about this country's past."

Vol.1 - Discovery to 1900
Vol.2 - 1763 to 1830
Vol.3 - 1839 to 1900

Canada's War Grooms And The Girls Who Stole Their Hearts

The Great Escape: A Canadian Story

From Classroom to Battlefield: Victoria High School and the First World War

Left to Die: The Story of the SS Newfoundland Sealing Disaster















French settlement, and this type of building is prevalent throughout rural Quebec today. For further details on building see the pages on stone and wooden houses, early churches, and roofs and chimneys. Valuable information and many illustrations of early Canadian building may be found in Old Houses, Old Manors, and in Old Churches, published by the Historic Monuments Commission of the Province of Quebec, and in several brochures by Professor Ramsay Traquair, published by McGill University,

the return of Poutrincourt, the governor, from a voyage of exploration. Two English translations have been made within recent years: one by Mrs. Harriette Taber Richardson, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, Mass., and one by Professor R. K. Hicks , of Trinity College, Toronto, published in the Queen's Quarterly, Kingston. Page 84 The costumes m the picture shmv considerable variety. It was a time when fashions were changing. Some of the figures still retain the older style of wide,

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