Not Just a Witch

Not Just a Witch

Eva Ibbotson

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 014240232X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hectate Tenbury-Smith can turn people into animals, and create new animals out of thin air. She’s an animal witch, and a recent graduate of a school for good witches. Determined to make the world a better place, Heckie befriends a boy named Daniel, and informs him of her mission to do good by turning bad people into animals. Together, Heckie and Daniel perform many a good deed, such as turning the mean owner of a nursing home into a warthog. But then Heckie falls in love with the conniving Lionel Knacksap. Can Daniel foil Lionel’s evil plans and save Heckie from a broken heart?

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Winneypeg came into the room. She saw all the residents dozing as usual, and she marched straight up to Miss Smith. ‘Now then, I hear you’ve been making trouble,’ she said. ‘Just exactly what is the matter?’ Heckie rose from her chair. ‘Everything is the matter! Just exactly everything. This place is a disgrace. The food is revolting, the staff are unkind and you are a vicious woman!’ Mrs Winneypeg’s mouth opened; her chins quivered. ‘How dare you! How dare you speak to me like that!’ She

Knacksap. ‘And what I want more than anything else in the world, is to live there with you!’ For a moment he wondered whether to go down on his knees, but Dora wasn’t very good at dusting, and anyway there was no need – the silly witch was looking adoringly into his eyes. ‘Oh, Lewis!’ she said. ‘You mean you want to marry me?’ ‘I do,’ said Mr Knacksap. The next day, he bought two of the cheapest engagement rings he could find and had them engraved with his initials. But it wasn’t of the two

leather suit, he looked like someone from another planet. Then he bent down and began to prise open the box. ‘Stop! Stop!’ A wild-haired woman had burst through the door and was running between the leopards who, strangely, parted to let her pass. ‘Stop at once, Flitchbody! Those aren’t leopards, they’re people!’ ‘And one of them is Cousin Alfred,’ yelled a second woman, small and dumpy, in a boiler suit. Sid straightened up. He could knock off these two loonies along with the leopards, but

terrible. Heckie was an animal witch. This didn’t mean of course that she was a witch who was an animal; it meant that she did animal magic. Her full name was Hecate Tenbury-Smith and she had started when she was still a child, turning the boring noses of her mother’s friends into interesting whiskery snouts or covering the cold ears of traffic wardens with thick black fur. She was a kind girl and only wanted to be helpful, but when she gave the swimming bath attendant red spots and a fishy tail

But I’m going to be sensible. I’m going to be practical. I’m going to be brave.’ Daniel could see how hard it was for her to tear herself away from the camel, but in the reptile house she cheered up again. It was a silent, sinister place and every one of the animals looked as though it would help one to do magic: the crocodile, smiling in its sleep, the Bearded Basilisk, the iguana like a shrunken dinosaur . . . In the ape house, they saw what seemed to be a very small ape in blue jeans forking

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