Nebula Awards Showcase 2008

Nebula Awards Showcase 2008

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0451461886

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This annual tradition from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America collects the best of the year's stories, as well as essays and commentary on the current state of the genre and predictions for future science fiction and fantasy films, art, and more.

This year's award-winning authors include Jack McDevitt, James Patrick Kelly, Peter S. Beagle, Elizabeth Hand, and more. The anthology also features essays from celebrated science fiction authors Orson Scott Card and Mike Resnick.

Skeleton Crew

A Brief History of Male Nudes in America

Fifty Years of Russian Prose: From Pasternak to Solzhenitsyn (Volume 2)

Bangkok Noir

The Seduction of Shiva: Tales of Life and Love (Penguin Classics)

The Far Stars War (The War Years, Book 1)


















it and flipped it back to Betty. “What’s he waiting for?” grumbled the High Gregory. “That was perfect.” He ignored Spur’s icy stare. “Just a smight lower next time, missy,” said Warp, once again indicating his preference with the bat. “You got the speed right, now hit the spot.” Young Melody Velez was perched at the end of the topmost bleacher and noticed Spur passing beneath her. “He’s here!” she cried. “Spur’s here!” Play stopped and the bleachers emptied as the villagers crowded around

idea in science fiction that is not already familiar to the well-read portion of the general public. And through movies and television shows, which are finally catching up with print sci-fi, our field’s ideas have reached far beyond the audience of readers. 5. Our space on the shelves in the bookstores is shrinking. Science fiction’s ability to generate new stars is declining. The public no longer looks to us to take them places they have never been. They look to us now as a way to get back to

woman he was with, during the winter of 1925/26. The important thing is that he came out from that snow-covered chalet with his wave equations. And we shouldn’t pry into what John and Amy did after they had dashed through the downpour and into her flat. John probably spent most of his waking hours on his equations, some of his time with Amy, and a couple of hours playing handball with his colleague Gino. As for Amy, most likely she waitressed at the Capri and spent her free time on a new mosaic.

in 1927 Heisenberg published a paper (Zeitschrift für Physik 43, 172–98) neatly defining this problem which has since become known as Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. We know all we need to know about the tattoo. “It means I’m a follower of Neptune, you know, the sea god,” Heidi explained. “I used to do a lot of surfing—Wadell Creek, Santa Cruz, places like that.” They were sitting in a café in Berkeley—Heidi and Fred and John and Amy. It was a clear sunny day and the view over the bay was

spectacular. “Does your mother have a tattoo like that?” John asked her. “I don’t remember any,” Heidi said. Her mother had died when Heidi was eight. Heidi’s father later remarried but was killed in a foggy car crash on California Route 101 when Heidi was fourteen. She was brought up by her stepmother, with whom she became quite close, but when Heidi was seventeen her stepmother married again and Heidi ran off to a life on the beach, surfing. That’s when she got the tattoo. “In Santa Clara,”

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