Nebula Awards Showcase 2006

Nebula Awards Showcase 2006

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0451460642

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Each year, the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America(r) bestow the Nebula Awards to authors whose exemplary fiction represents the most thought-provoking and entertaining work the genre has to offer. Nebula Awards Showcase collects the year's most preeminent science fiction and fantasy in one essential volume. This year's winners include Lois McMaster Bujold, Eileen Gunn, Ellen Klages, and Walter Jon Williams, as well as Grand Master Anne McCaffrey.

Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting: An Antihero Anthology (DLP Anthology, Volume 1)

No Doors, No Windows

The Dead of Winter (Thieves' World, Book 7)

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the Gobi Desert, and somehow you knew that each was as wondrous as she said. And suddenly I jumped as the alarm clock started buzzing. It was the first time I’d ever stayed up for the entire night. I put the book away, got dressed for school, and hurried home after school so that I could finish it. I must have read it six or seven more times that year. I got to the point where I could almost recite parts of it word-for-word. I was in love with those exotic faraway places, and maybe a little bit

around us every second, but unless they’re brought together in our attention all at once we don’t notice them.” “Like the time discrepancy,” said Dixie Mae. “Right! In fact, the biggest problem with all our theories is not how we could be individually duped, but how the fraud could work with many communicating individuals all at once. That takes hardware beyond anything that exists, maybe a hundred liters of Bose condensate.” “Some kind of quantum computer breakthrough,” said Victor. Both

over to the desk and plunked herself down. For maybe thirty seconds, this guy would think she was brilliant. The Ellens circled in to save her. “Actually, I’d like to know more about who we’re working with,” one of them said. Rob looked up, distracted, but Danny was more than happy to do some intros. “It’s just the two of us. You already know Rob Lusk. I’m Dan Eastland.” He reached around, genially shaking hands. “I’m not from UCLA. I work for LotsaTech, in quantum chemistry. But you know Gerry

it on the data file. . . .” He paused, checked his keyboard entry, and pressed return. They stared at the screen. Seconds passed. The Ellens chatted back and forth. They seemed to be worried about executing any sort of text program; like Victor’s notepad, it might be readable to the outside world. “That’s a real risk unless earlier Robs knew the cacheing strategy.” Dixie Mae was only half-listening. If this worked at all, it was pretty good proof that earlier Robs and Dannys had done things

throwing up his hands, “why not? Hell, let’s hold a press conference. Call the White House, invite Truman for a look. Bring in the damn United Nations.” “Watch your step,” Maddy said as we started across the dry creek bed. It was a long hard walk up the hollow to the cave, and hot even in the deep shade under the trees. By the time we got there, I was wishing I’d brought the rest of that Coke along. About halfway up the hollow Maddy turned left and started up a steep slope, covered with big

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