My Unwilling Witch Sleeps Over (Rumblewick Diaries)

My Unwilling Witch Sleeps Over (Rumblewick Diaries)

Hiawyn Oram

Language: English

Pages: 22


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

And this is the latest: Haggy Aggy's only made 'bestest' best-friends in the WHOLE wide world with two girl gymnasts. And can you believe THIS? They have asked HER to sleep over tonight and she's said YES! WHY ME?

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Familiar. So I hope you'll be flying that broomstick home yourself as any AUNT-RESPECTING witch would do.” With a thundery snarl, HA grabbed our broomstick, mounted it, and took off with barely time for me to leap on behind. Well, the truth is, Diary, in the dark mood she was in, HA should NOT have been flying anything, anywhere. Let alone from the Far Quagmires to Wizton-under-Wold. It requires much alertness of the stars above and landmarks below. It should NEVER be attempted by one in a

not a place you go to shake yourself till the universe trembles. It is a kind of Gatheria where you meet with your friends—to slurp googuff through hollow reeds called straws. When HA discovered this, she picked up her JIM bag (me in it) and rushed to the Shake Shop bathroom. Here, she had the nerve to give me an ear-wigging! “Why didn't you TELL me a shake is a drink?” she hissed as she wigged one ear. “Because I had no idea!” I hissed back. “Well why didn't you? You're my Familiar.

night when the Hags' Familiars were tattlechatting about Haggy Aggy being more Other Side than This Side.” “Tell me something new,” I sighed. “So you know about the GENEROUS REWARD, then?” Grimey whispered. “Being offered by the Hags to anyone who can help CATCH HER IN THE ACT of being more Other Side than This Side?” YIKES AND TRIPLE YIKES. My blood froze. My fur stood on end. Pondernot hadn't mentioned A REWARD. And I could guess why. She didn't know—because Sassy the Snoop hadn't told

food. PUBLISHER'S FAMILIAR: How did you know that Familiar-ism was the job for you? RUMBLEWICK: I come from a long line of highly qualified witch's Familiars. My parents were both famous Familiars in their day and took me to work with them from when I was knee high to a cauldron leg. So there was never a question of doing anything else. PF: But if you weren't a Familiar, what else would you like to be doing? RB: Well, unless the High Hags send me spinning into The Blue Beyond the Blue

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