Let Sleeping Sea-Monsters Lie and Other Cautionary Tales

Let Sleeping Sea-Monsters Lie and Other Cautionary Tales

Eva Ibbotson

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1447205871

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are you BRAVE enough to find out what happens when a spoilt girl is spiteful to a giant hungry worm? Can you BEAR to watch a (very silly) boy poke an angry sleeping sea-monster? Do you DARE to discover why should you never, ever steal milk from a Frid?* Beware: Naughty children always get their just deserts ...*A dog-munching rock. Doesn't everyone know that?

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and barnacle geese resting on the way from Greenland, and the seals, quite unafraid, coming out of the water to have their pups. They had started to repair the house, and planted a garden, and then one day they had found an oiled seabird washed up on a rock . . . Only it turned out not to be an oiled seabird. It was oiled all right, but it was something quite different – and after that they realized that they had been called to the Island by a Higher Power and that they had found their life’s

no use for anything – but Aunt Dorothy, who was next in age to Etta and would have been just the sort of person to have on a kidnapping expedition. But Dorothy was in prison in Hong Kong. She had gone out there to stop a restaurant owner from serving pangolin steaks – pangolins are beautiful creatures and are getting rare and should never be eaten – and Dorothy had got annoyed and hit the restaurant owner on the head with his own wok, and they had put her in prison. She was due out in a month but

island had been. So the fishermen became rich and bought lovely clothes for their wives and nice toys for their children and were very happy. The Kraken, too, was happy because he had no more trouble with his back. But whether Algernon was happy or not I cannot tell you. Some things are easy and some things are difficult – and finding out whether a sea slug is happy is very difficult indeed! The Boobrie and the Sheepish Scotsmen Once upon a time three Scotsmen were walking through

the Princess did not say “Good morning” back. She made a rather rude gesture and then she said: “Phooey!” Now “Phooey” is not a nice thing to say to a worm when it has just said “Good morning” to you. The worm was amazed. It thought it had misheard. So it lifted its head to speak again. “I said ‘Good morning, Princess’,” said the worm. “And I,” said the Princess, making an even ruder gesture, “said ‘Phooey!’.” Now this worm was not particularly ferocious or troublesome but it was a worm.

scolding and waving her arms. If only he could do it! If only he could do the thing she wanted so much! Wider he opened his mouth and wider . . . and closer he went to his mother and closer . . . and harder he tried and harder . . . harder than he had ever tried in his whole life. And then at last he did it. He actually did it! “MUMMY!” said the Brollachan. “MUM – gluck – gulp!” Then he stopped. His mother was not there. The Brollachan was puzzled. He looked under the stool and behind the

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