Johnny Tremain

Johnny Tremain

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0547614322

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Johnny Tremain,

winner of the 1944 Newbery Medal, is one of the finest historical novels ever written for children. As compelling today as it was seventy years ago, to read this riveting novel is to live through the defining events leading up to the American Revolutionary War. Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain, an apprentice silversmith with a bright future ahead of him, injures his hand in a tragic accident, forcing him to look for other work. In his new job as a horse-boy, riding for the patriotic newspaper, The Boston Observer, and as a messenger for the Sons of Liberty, he encounters John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Dr. Joseph Warren. Soon Johnny is involved in the pivotal events shaping the American Revolution from the Boston Tea Party to the first shots fired at Lexington. Powerful illustrations by American artist Michael McCurdy bring to life Esther Forbes's quintessential novel of the American Revolution.

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movies and adventure series that Disney made about early American history—like The Swamp Fox (1959–61) and Daniel Boone (1964–70) and Zorro (1957–59). I probably first saw it on Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, which aired on Sunday nights on our black-and-white television set—which didn't show any color, but we tried to imagine. It was thrilling. Johnny was daring, brave, and resourceful—and he rode a horse really well. He disdained a life of aristocratic ease and chose to become not

'long-lost whatever-you-are' to his costly waistcoat. Even if he did not like women, Miss Lavinia, he decided, was to kiss him on the brow. Through this dreaming he felt enough confidence in his good fortune at last to stop in to see 'that Rab.' There had not been a day since the first meeting that he had not wanted to. Rab showed no surprise either over his return or the strange story that he proceeded to pour out. It was nightfall and, as Johnny hoped, Uncle Lorne and the little Webbs were

breathed softly, caressingly at Rab, but at the same time the queer, crystalline eyes watched Johnny as though sure that this was a boy who ate horses. 'Now you put on a bridle like this—see? And when winter comes, don't ever put a cold bit in a horse's mouth. Breathe on it first. The saddle blanket—steady, steady, Goblin—it won't hurt you. And then the saddle. Now you lead him out in the yard. You hold the reins like this—left hand always and the thumb on the upper side, but down on the reins.

girl—she'd not live too high with Frizel, Junior. But Johnny wished her well. Priscilla Lapham. Ever since Rab had taken her home and left Johnny to eat six fried eggs by himself, he had felt differently about Cilla. She had been his best friend during the years he worked at the Laphams'. And then for some months she had been a drag on him. He had not bothered much with her. Overnight that had changed. He was always looking forward to Thursdays and the seed cakes and the half-hour sitting out

telling the corporal that a doctor must be fetched—and she wanted Doctor Warren. 'I know he's a rebel—but do get him for me. He's the best doctor we have in town, and Papa—Papa must have the best.' Her father safely inside the guardhouse, Miss Lavinia came into the street a moment, gazing blankly at the disabled coach and at the men carrying from it, into the guardhouse, such of their most precious possessions as they had had time to rescue from Milton. For the first time Johnny saw Cilla. She

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