Godlike Machines

Godlike Machines

Language: English

Pages: 322

ISBN: 1616647590

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Six of todays finest authors write for Godlike Machines! Six original scientific adventures.

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mysterious mines. Images and such will have to suffice. If this is the tenth level, what lies at the very bottom of the stack? What is that Cotton so adamantly insisted I should see? What phenomenon is replicated from stack to stack, in principle if not in detail? My access codes work. I descend to the final level alone, as I have traveled these last two legs. Previously, I have been accompanied by miners heading down for shifts or on their own personal excursions. Some chattered about

novels, including The Leeshore, The Hormone Jungle, and far future science fiction novels Marrow and The Well of Stars. An extraordinarily prolific writer, Reed has published over 180 short stories, mostly in F&SF and Asimov’s, which have been nominated for the Hugo, James Tiptree Jr. Memorial, Locus, Nebula, Seiun, Theodore Sturgeon Memorial, and World Fantasy awards, and have been collected in The Dragons of Springplace and The Cuckoo’s Boys. His novella “A Billion Eves” won the Hugo Award last

stand here in a very long while. After several days of study, Alone touched the drum, and that slight friction was enough to kill what power remained inside the superconductive battery. How long had it been here, spinning without purpose? And what was inside the hole, waiting at the other end of the broken blue thread? Alone snapped two handles from the winch and uncoiled the remaining sapphire rope, tying one handle to one end. Then he dropped the handle into the dark shaft. Two hundred

more than one Alone wandering loose? He didn’t know what to believe. After he abandoned the hull, those sightings fell to the level of occasional, and no Remora pretended to have spotted Wune’s mysterious friend. In no file was there mention of Aasleen and the nightmare inside one of the Ship’s engines. Which meant that the captains and crew were good at keeping secrets, and what else did they know? A related file focused on shape-shifting machines currently lurking in the dark corners and

solutes-say, in this ethane lake here. When they dissolve they fill up the lake with long molecules analogous to our organic molecules. These can then link up into polymers using silicon-silicon bonds, silanes. They have weaker bonds than carbon molecules at terrestrial temperatures, but it’s just what you need in a low-energy, low-temperature environment like this. With silanes as the basis you can dream up all sorts of complex molecules analogous to nucleic acids and proteins—” “Just what we

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