Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov

Foundation's Friends: Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov

Language: English

Pages: 403

ISBN: 0312931743

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

No work of science fiction in the twentieth century captured the imagination of so many readers as the epic future history put forth in the stories and novels of Isaac Asimov.

In this volume, a select group of the Good Doctor's fellow writers explore his astonishing creation from their own unique perspectives―and offer personal tributes to the late, great Asimov some years after his death.

Foundation's Friends features contributions by Ben Bova, L. Sprague de Camp, Frederik Pohl, Carl Sagan, Harry Turtledove, and others.

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Did he think Leyel would believe that this was the real reason his application was being denied? Could Hari Seldon misknow a man so badly? Impossible. Hari Seldon, of all people in the Empire, knew how to know other people. True, his great work in psychohistory dealt with large masses of people, with populations and probabilities. But Hari’s fascination with populations had grown out of his interest in and understanding of individuals. Besides, he and Hari had been friends since Hari first

Wendell Urth and Lije Baley, are nearly as famous as Sherlock Holmes.” “As you probably also know, then, most of my mysteries fall into the “armchair detective” category, in which the detective solves the puzzling problem through deduction and logical thinking, rather than chasing around after clues.” He stroked his bushy white sideburns. “This morning I found myself confronted with a very puzzling problem, or perhaps I should say dilemma--why had you come to see me?” “We told you why we came to

she said. She seized his wrists. “Now you know we’ve got to do something. You know we’ve got to go away.” “How many did you break?” “A lot. Rust will take care of the rest of them, and I don’t think any of the clan are smart enough to build them again. Don’t you understand? I think they’re really finished with them, now. I think it’s run out.” Bill felt her pulling him along. Soon they would be out of the hutch, on level ground, and they could run. Forage from the land, build a settlement. Well,

he must eliminate the robot bumped heavily against his hip as he turned away. His stomach had twisted itself with tension, and he sensed the beginnings of a headache at the back of his skull. He would do what he had to do, for Beth ‘s sake. Until then, he’d put the whole thing out of his mind. He’d get on with packing up the house. “What that, Dadda?” his daughter called, pointing at a door in the ceiling. She had a smudge of dust on one cheek, and toddled clumsily after him wherever he went.

only fourteen, and this is her first offense--the first time she’s been caught, anyway--and Youth Offenders’ Level is crowded enough as it is. But she’s in our records now, and if she’s picked up again for anything, she goes into detention until her hearing, at which point she’ll likely get a stiff sentence.” “I’m grateful to you,” Amy’s father said. “Listen to me, girl.” Mr. Dubois rested his arms on the desk. “Don’t think you can lie low for a bit and then start strip-running again. We know who

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