Emma and the Blue Genie

Emma and the Blue Genie

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0385375417

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The beloved and bestselling author of Inkheart brings her signature imagination, adventure, and humor to a magical full-color chapter book for young readers!
One night, Emma finds a mysterious green bottle floating in the ocean. When she pulls out the stopper, she sets a blue genie free! Most genies grant three wishes, but Karim can’t grant even one anymore. A yellow genie stole his magic nose ring, leaving him small, powerless, and trapped in that bottle. Emma and her noodle-tailed dog have to help Karim get his nose ring—and his magic—back!

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touched the sand. “Very . . . pleased to meet you!” Emma stammered. She also bowed (though not quite so deeply). When she straightened herself up again, she noticed that the genie was only a head taller than her. “I am sorry,” Emma said (after all, she didn’t know whether genies were easily offended), “but are you still growing? I mean, as far as I remember, the genies in my fairy tales are always huge.” Karim sighed so deeply that the sand stirred up and covered his naked toes. “Ooh, you are Educators and librarians, for a variety of teaching tools, visit us at Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Funke, Cornelia Caroline. [Emma und der Blaue Dschinn. English] Emma and the blue genie / Cornelia Funke ; translated by Oliver Latsch ; illustrated by Kerstin Meyer.—First American edition. pages cm. “Originally published as Emma und der Blaue Dschinn by Cecilie Dressler Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg, Germany, in 2002.” Summary:

her pillows. “But look at him! He’s as pale as diluted grape juice and as thin as a carpet tassel.” Karim cast a sad look down at himself. “I am not to blame for my pitiful condition, oh grandmother of the greatest of all caliphs!” he said. “Sahim’s scorpions stole my nose ring while I was sleeping. You know that we blue genies sleep at midday, when the sun makes even the stones sweat.” “Ah yes, the midday nap of the blue genies!” Maimun’s grandmother grimaced. “Such careless folly, since every

behind the bars came whistles, hisses, and growls. And before Emma could realize what was happening, she and Tristan had also been stuffed into one of the cages. “Ahhh!” the yellow genie warbled as he peered through the bars with his cat eyes. “Yes, you are an excellent addition to my collection. And as for your dog, my servants may have to roll him in turmeric powder!” Tristan barked and snapped at Sahim’s nose, but he just stubbed his snout on the cage bars. The yellow genie laughed so loudly

fear gives me strength. Yellow genies love the smell of fear; there is no better scent. And now I want to sleep, so be quiet, or I’ll stuff your mouth with sand.” Sahim sank back with a burp and immediately started snoring. Emma felt her fear drowning in rage like a fly in the sea. She rattled the cage and screamed, “Let me out of here right now! Just you wait until Karim gets here. He’ll put you in a bottle, and you know what I will do then? I’ll spit in it—that’s what!” Suddenly all the other

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