Derek Introduces The Constitution and Parliament of India

Derek Introduces The Constitution and Parliament of India

Derek O'Brien

Language: English

Pages: 113

ISBN: 8129136554

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Constitution of India is a remarkable document that lays down the rules,
principles and ideas according to which India is governed. It delineates the
basic framework of various institutions and specifies the rights and duties of
citizens. Every citizen needs to know about it in order to preserve the spirit of
democracy and equality of independent India.

In this book, Derek O’Brien tells in a simple and concise manner, how the
Constitution came to be written, who were the people who shaped it and the
concepts and thoughts that went into creating it. He also explains how the
Parliament of India functions.

Filled with hundreds of interesting facts as well as detailed informative entries,
The Constitution and Parliament of India will instill a sense of pride about the
country in readers and will also inspire them to be more responsible citizens.

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Chidambaram became a lawyer in the Madras High Court and joined the Congress Party. In 1984, he was elected as an MP from Sivaganga, a constituency he represented for six more terms. In 1985, Rajiv Gandhi inducted him into his cabinet and over the years, he held various portfolios. In 2004, Chidambaram became the Union Finance Minister in former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s cabinet. In 2008, he became the Union Home Minister, before returning to the Finance Ministry a few years later.

the following years, Mohan Singh was elected to the Lok Sabha and was a member of various Parliamentary Committees like the Business Advisory Committee, Committee of Privileges, House Committee and Committee on Home Affairs. Mohan Singh received the award for 2008. MURLI MANOHAR JOSHI Murli Manohar Joshi was born in Nainital on 5 January 1934. He completed his MSc and doctorate from Allahabad University and joined the institution as a professor of Physics. He retired in 1994 as the Head

courts except the Supreme Court. 4. Prisons, reformatories, Borstal institutions and other institutions of a like nature, and persons detained therein; arrangements with other states for the use of prisons and other institutions. 5. Local government, that is to say, the Constitution and powers of municipal corporations, improvement trusts, districts boards, mining settlement authorities and other local authorities for the purpose of local self-government or village administration. 6. Public

monuments and records other than those declared by or under law made by Parliament to be of national importance. 13. Communications, that is to say, roads, bridges, ferries, and other means of communication not specified in List I; municipal tramways; ropeways; inland waterways and traffic thereon subject to the provisions of List I and List III with regard to such waterways; vehicles other than mechanically propelled vehicles. 14. Agriculture, including agricultural education and research,

Nehru Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Rajendra Prasad Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Sarojini Naidu Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit Other Leaders The Constitution—Its Features, Structure and Provisions The Book and Its Salient Features Structure of the Constitution of India: Articles, Parts and Schedules Preamble to the Constitution The Union and Its Territory Citizenship Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties Directive Principles of State Policy The Union Executive: The President of India Short

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