Collected Stories, Volume 2: The Sentinel

Collected Stories, Volume 2: The Sentinel

Arthur C. Clarke

Language: English

Pages: 223

ISBN: 2:00187430

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

One of the 35 eBook (digital-only) 2012 RosettaBooks releases comprising the complete Arthur C. Clarke Collection.

Originally published in 1983, this collection represents some of the greatest short fiction from one of the genre's most renowned authors. These collected works were written throughout Clarke's career, from 1946 to 1981—originally appearing in science fiction magazines such as Thrilling Wonder Stories, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, and OMNI.

Between these pages you'll find some of Clarke's most groundbreaking early stories—many of which influenced later classic novel-length work. The title story, "The Sentinel," formed the foundation for what would later become the Space Odyssey series—perhaps Clarke's most famous work. You'll also find "Guardian Angel," a rarely reproduced story that was the inspiration for Childhood's End.

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of the customers, but the same people are quite likely to leave with the latest issue of Staggering Stories of Pseudoscience. A great deal of business also goes on in the obscurer corners of the pub. Copies of antique books and magazines frequently change hands at astronomical prices, and on almost any Wednesday at least three well-known dealers may be seen smoking large cigars as they lean over the bar, swapping stories with Drew. From time to time a vast guffaw announces the denouement of some

going to add a remark about high voltage equipment when their guide looked back suspiciously and he desisted. The airlock opened into a small corridor flanked by doors bearing painted numbers and such labels as Private, Keep Out! Technical Staff Only, Dr Jones, Typists and Director. At the last they came to a halt. After a short pause a Come In panel glowed and the door swung automatically open. Ahead lay a perfectly ordinary office dominated by a determined-looking young man behind a very

it—I’ve some jolly interesting ideas.’ Then he was gone, leaving us with our hostage. I think the Professor had hoped he could do a direct exchange. If so, he had not bargained on Marianne’s stubbornness. ‘It serves Randolph right,’ she said. ‘But I don’t really see that it makes any difference. He’ll be just as comfortable in your ship as in ours, and you can’t do anything to him. Let me know when you’re fed up with having him around.’ It seemed a complete impasse. We had been too clever by

within minutes of coming to rest. It was a giant, of a familiar type, too cold for protoplasmic life and probably possessing no stable surface. So they turned their search sunward, and presently were rewarded. It was a world that made their hearts ache for home, a world where everything was hauntingly familiar, yet never quite the same. Two great land masses floated in blue-green seas, capped by ice at either pole. There were some desert regions, but the larger part of the planet was obviously

different, and much simpler. Now that he has confidence in me anything that I accept won’t worry him.’ ‘I wonder if that will be true of all his race?’ queried Altman. ‘It’s hardly safe to judge by a single specimen. I want to see what happens when we send the robot into the village.’ ‘Hello!’ exclaimed Bertrond. ‘That surprised him. He’s never met a person who could speak with two voices before.’ ‘Do you think he’ll guess the truth when he meets us?’ said Clindar. ‘No. The robot will be pure

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