Cataract City: A Novel

Cataract City: A Novel

Craig Davidson

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1555976743

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A searing novel about two friends on opposite sides of the law, from the author of Rust and Bone, "a writer of immense power" (Peter Straub)

On the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, life beyond the tourist trade isn't easy. Locals like Duncan Diggs and Owen Stuckey have few chances to leave. For Duncan, that means shift work on a production line. For Owen, it means pinning it all on a shot at college basketball. But they should know better; they've been unlucky before. As boys, they were abducted and abandoned in the woods. Though they made it out alive, the memory of that time won't fade. Over the years they drift apart, but when Duncan is drawn into a chaotic world of bare-knuckle fighting and other shady dealings, Owen, now a cop, can't look the other way any longer. Together, they'll be forced to survive the wilderness once more as their friendship is pushed to the limit in Cataract City, a white-hot novel by the rising star Craig Davidson.

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basin, we weren’t dispirited by how far away it remained. A blade-edged wind tore down the rock face; I curled my hands into fists, plodding like a mule. My equilibrium was shot; half the time it felt like I must be climbing uphill. I stared skywards at a freak meteor shower: thousands of streaks through the air. I blinked. The meteors vanished. The next time I put a hand down, the earth wasn’t there. The path had hit an unseen edge. I lurched forward with a squawk, outflung arms grabbing for

warrior gathers strands of sticky gossamer and lashes them to an outcropping above the spider’s exit hole, high enough that he’d have to jump to reach them. The rocks around the exit he coats with bear grease to make them slippery … except he leaves a few patches dry. Then he creeps back into the cave and yells, ‘Hey, bug!’” “Is that so?” “It is so. Spiders hate being called bugs seeing as, technically, they are not. The spider flings the maiden aside and pursues the warrior. They scramble up

need stitches and slapped a butterfly bandage over it. “Another memory to add to the Dunk scrapbook,” he said. “There’s a million stories in there.” “Nope, only one,” Bovine said. “Man takes on world, world wins. But you get to write it over the course of a lifetime—so you’ve got that going for you.” “Oh, fuck off.” Bovine howled. Edwina was waiting in the dark. She was lying on the couch in the room off the front hall—a room that had seemed so big when we’d moved in from her old house on

gaze resting comfortably on mine. “Our old pal Drinkwater’s neck-deep in it.” “That so?” “It is a fact,” said Owe. “Makes him a whole lotta wampum. That’s racist. Sorry. He smuggles across the river into Canada. A risky game, but his rake is huge. Plenty of money on both sides of the river—in Drinkwater’s pocket on that side, in the distributor’s pockets over here. But the river itself … that’s where the smugglers operate. They’re low-level mules, totally expendable. Here in Cataract City, you

waiting to give myself to somebody that way ever since I could remember. “I’m taking Dolly,” she said to me in the pen’s visiting room. “Taking her where?” “Just away, Dunk.” I kept my head steady, my gaze calm, but my insides were chewing themselves to pieces. “Okay, sure. She loves you best, anyway.” “Dogs love everyone the same.” She stood up. Her jaw worked like she was going to say something else. She looked at the visiting room guard, flustered for a moment, then back at me. “You want

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