Buster and the Amazing Daisy

Buster and the Amazing Daisy

Nancy Ogaz

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 184310721X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Daisy White was not crazy. Clumsy maybe, but definitely not crazy. In this exciting adventure story, Daisy, who has autism, defeats her bullies and overcomes her fears with the help of Buster, a very special rabbit. All is going well until a terrible fate threatens Daisy's new friend Cody. Will Daisy be able to gather her courage and special talents to save him? Buster and the Amazing Daisy is not just a humorous and engaging story. It will also give its readers an insight into the hopes and dreams, as well as the fears and frustrations, of many children with autism.

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a rowdy mood and didn’t hold still for long. He scampered around the lawn and leaped over a low-growing hedge. In a minute he was next to Daisy again. “Buster, you are such an athletic bunny,” Daisy told him as he stretched out in the shade. “And you’re smart. I bet I could teach you some tricks.” Buster flicked his ears and lay quietly. His pink tongue poked out a little. He was hot. Daisy poured some fresh water into a small plastic bowl. She had decorated it with bunny stickers so it wouldn’t

into the truck. With a loud squealing noise, it sped away. Daisy, Marissa, and some other kids chased after it, but it spun around the corner in a cloud of dust and was gone. And so was Buster. Some of the kids were yelling. Some cried. Betsy Yamato was so upset she got the hiccups. Daisy stood staring after the truck. Laurel ran over to her and hugged her. “Why?” She sobbed. “Why would anybody want to kidnap a rabbit?” A few teachers rushed over. “What happened? What’s going on?” they asked.

she told herself as she searched the picnic area. No Buster; just a few ants eating crumbs. Daisy and her father walked around the playground. They checked under the slide and around the swings. Nothing. Daisy called until she was hoarse, but the loud drone of the lawn mower drowned out her voice. Finally, her father looked at his watch. “Well, Honey–” he began. “Dad, please? Can’t we look a little more?” “Daisy, we’ve been looking for almost an hour. Buster could be anywhere by now.” Her dad

I’m so glad you’re here.” She cuddled him close to her and waited for the sun to rise. “Daisy!” The voices woke her up. “Where are you, Daisy?” 107 Buster skittered under a nearby log. “It’s okay, Buster,” Daisy called to him. “Daisy?” It was her mother. Daisy tried to shout loudly but her voice was weak. “Mommy!” she croaked. “Mom! I’m down here!” A few moments later her mother’s face appeared on the dirt bank above her. “Daisy!” Her mother slid down the slope, calling over her shoulder.

“Yeah, well, it still hurts! A lot!” Marissa muttered. “I’m sorry, Marissa. So, so sorry.” Daisy said. “I’m not a violent person. Really! You have to believe me! I know it was wrong to hit you. It was wicked and… and –” “Okay, okay.” Marissa interrupted her. “You’re sorry.” “I’ll never do it again. I am sorry with all my heart. Something evil must have possessed me. Ohhh, noooo!” Daisy wailed. “Something’s taken over my brain!” 31 “Daisy, will you just hush!” Marissa stood up, still gingerly

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