Betsy and the Boys (Betsy (Paperback))

Betsy and the Boys (Betsy (Paperback))

Carolyn Haywood

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0152051023

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Carolyn Haywood's stories about her irrepressible character Betsy have never been out of print, and now, thanks to dynamic new covers, the Betsy books will find their way onto the bookshelves of modern young readers--and into the hearts of a whole new generation. It's a new year, and Betsy has a new wish: She is going to play football on the boys' team. Of course, the boys refuse to play football with a girl. That is, until Betsy and Mr. Kilpatrick cook up a secret plan to win Betsy a spot on the team. . . .

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said Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson examined the door. Then he said, "No use. The hinges are on the other side." "Oh, dear! Oh, dear!" said Clementine. "What a night for this to happen." Suddenly Lillybell began to cry, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Then Star burst out. They cried so loudly that everyone downstairs heard them. Betsy's father and mother came up and they tried to quiet the fairies. But the fairies just howled. "We'll have to get the ladder out of the garage," said Mr. Jackson. "Then I can

"The handle broke off of the pitcher." "And what is all over Betsy?" asked Mrs. Porter. "That's pancakes, too," said Billy. "I slipped," said Betsy. "Well, you two children get the mop and the floor cloth and clean up the floor. I'll take off my hat and make the filling for these giant cream puffs." "What do you mean, 'filling'?" said Billy. "Aren't they cream puffs?" "They will be when they are filled with custard," replied Mrs. Porter. Billy leaned against the table and looked at the

this afternoon," said Betsy. "The football has caloopsed," said Billy. "What do you mean, 'caloopsed'?" asked Betsy. "It's n.g.—no good. Collapsed, in plain English," replied Billy. "Oh!" said Betsy. "We have to find a way to buy a new one," said Billy, still plucking at the bow. "That's why I couldn't buy a kitten. I have to save my money for a football." "Oh!" said Betsy. And just as she said it the bow on the hatbox came untied. Betsy jumped up so suddenly that she startled Billy and

into the house." "Darling," said Mother, turning to Betsy, "why did you bring that old box home? You know it just makes work for Lucy." "It wasn't an old box when I brought it home, Mother. It was a good box," replied Betsy. "Look, Mother. Isn't the kitten cute?" They all played with the kitten until, at last, Father came home. "Hello, there!" he called. "What's going on?" "We've a kitten," Betsy said as she ran to kiss Father. "Well! Well!" said Father, looking at the kitten. "Quite a

"What kind of cookies were they?" asked Billy. "Coconut," said Betsy, swallowing her last mouthful. "Oh! Coconut!" muttered Billy, his mouth fairly watering. And the whole team said, "Oh! Coconut!" Just then Mrs. Porter appeared at the door with a tray. On it were a pitcher of lemonade and some glasses. "Would you boys like some lemonade?" she asked. The faces of the team brightened. They were glad that they hadn't missed the whole party. When the boys were seated with their glasses of

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