Armored: Part Human. Part Machine. All Soldier

Armored: Part Human. Part Machine. All Soldier

Language: English

Pages: 255

ISBN: 2:00081938

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Armor up for a metal-pounding feast of action, adventure and amazing speculation by topnotch writers (including Nebula-award winner Jack McDevitt, Sean Williams, Dan Abnet, Simon Green, and Jack Campbell) on a future warrior that might very well be just around the corner.  Science fiction readers and gamers have long been fascinated by the idea of going to battle in suits of powered combat armor or at the interior controls of giant mechs.
First, when the armor starts to take over, even the generals may be at its mercy–and under its control. Then solve the problem of armored rescue when irradiated vacuum stands between the frail flesh of the living and safety.  And what happens when the marriage of soldier and armor becomes a bit too intimate—and that marriage goes sour! 
It’s an armor-plated clip of hard-hitting tales featuring exoskeleton adventure with fascinating takes on possible future armors ranging from the style of personal power suits seen in Starship Troopers and Halo to the servo-controlled bipedal beast-mech style encountered in Mechwarrior and Battletech
About Armored:
“Powered armor rocks our world…we're excited [by this] book of power-armor stories.” –i09
About Editor John Joseph Adam’s The Living Dead:
“Prolific anthologist Adams delivers. . .great storytelling for zombie fans as well as newcomers.” –Publishers Weekly
“[A] remarkable job. . .highly recommended.” –Library Journal
About Editor John Joseph Adam’s Wastelands:
With this well-chosen set of post apocalyptic stories, editor Adams provides a bit of everything that is best about the trope. . .well-crafted stories, offering something to please nearly every. . .palate.” –Booklist

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I was seriously bored. “Backing up files. Reviewing automated assist routines. Complete.” I laid on my back, staring up at the swirling mess of an atmosphere which covered Niffleheim. No stars shining down on us here. Automated assist routines. That reminded me of something. “Hey, AA.” “Yes, Private London.” “When I found what was left of Lieutenant, uh…what was her name?” “Lieutenant Karolla.” “Yeah. That Lieutenant. Her lower torso looked like it had walked maybe five meters after she

(Predator, I Robot, Eragon). Robert’s books have been translated into five languages, and he was a 2005 Quill nominee for Best New Writer. In 2011 Baen released Undercurrents, his seventh novel. He wrote the afterword for Baen’s re-issue of Heinlein’s Green Hills of Earth/Menace From Earth short story collection. Robert was a U.S. Army intelligence officer and National Science Foundation Fellow in Paleontology. As attorney of record in some three thousand cases, he practiced in the U.S. federal

during the editorial process. Danni Kelly, for being pretty fantastic. John Steakley and Robert A. Heinlein—if not for their novels Armor and Starship Troopers, this anthology may not exist. Gordon Van Gelder, my friend and mentor. Without him, this anthology would definitely not exist. My amazing wife, Christie, and my mom, Marianne, for all their love and support, and their endless enthusiasm for all my new projects. My dear friends Robert Bland, Desirina Boskovich, Christopher M. Cevasco,

It’s just something else the planet does, to distract you, so it can kill you while you’re not looking.” “What happened to the human crew in Base Two?” I said. “Did they learn to love this world too?” The Commander had nothing else to say. We flew the rest of the way in silence. Out in the jungle again, we walked the perimeter. Maddened raging plants pushed forward from all sides, and I ripped them out of the ground, crushed them to pulp in my terrible grip and threw them aside, or trampled

all to his engineering sensibilities—ineffective. Ike snorted and tossed the paper back. “It won’t work.” “It will!” Joe insisted. “It’s just a matter of hammering them ploughshares we stole into shape, cutting a few slots in ’em, and fitting ’em with straps. Surely a bright spark like you can do that.” “I didn’t say it couldn’t be built,” Ike countered. “I said it wouldn’t work. The legs and arms are completely unprotected—one well-placed bullet could kill you right off. And if you added

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