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Stl/mil cont 📝

Mil is 8-3 in Gonzales starts
Gonzales is 2-1 with 8ND’s
Gonz is 4-2 on the road
Gonz is 5-1 to the U in road starts
Mil is 28-34 on the road this season
Wacha is 8-7 vs mil lifetime
Gonz is 4-4 vs Stl since 2014
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Sf/chc 📝
Hammels is 2-4 w/4 ND L10
Chc are 5-5 in those starts
Hammels is 7-2 at home
Chc is 41-19 at home
Chc pen has posted a 6.30 era L7
Sf has lost beedes L5
Beede has allowed at least 4R and a HR in his L5 8HR and 22R total L5
Beede is 6-3 on the road

Sf/chc cont 📝

Beede is 3-6 w/ 6 Nd this season
Sf pen is posting a 7.07 era L7
Sf is 34-29 in road games
Hammles is 2-2 since 2014 vs sf
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June 6th-August 19th totals recap
35-23-3 🎾
11-7-1 Pod
4-2 in baseball but lost the pod, everyone and their mother was on twins rl
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